International Mother Earth Month – Invest in Forests

Apr 1, 2023 | Canada’s Forest Trust

April is all about Mother Earth Month. 

Mother Earth has been put under stress for far too long. Years of excessive extraction and emissions have led us to our current tipping points. Extreme storms, wildfires, sea level rise and unusual weather events are Mother Nature’s ways of calling for humanity to restore balance. Without widespread action, the risk of irreversible damage is imminent. 

To enact real, long-term change, there must be a shift. Governments, businesses and society are being called into action to invest in and implement new planet-positive norms. Norms that put Mother Earth in balance with profits and treat climate change as a business and health risk that we cannot afford. 

On April 22, we will join the United Nations International Mother Earth Day celebrations. But it’s crucial everyone understands that one day is simply not enough to influence the scale of change needed. So, we’re taking the entire month of April to share insights from highly regarded leaders across various industries. Through the #InvestInOurForests series, Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation will set the stage for innovation and advancements in how we live and work, building momentum for 365 days of climate action. Our goal is to educate and empower others to learn about our individual and collective impacts on our planet to promote balance. 

Ultimately, every day is Mother Earth Day, so we should act like it. 

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