Launching the First School Smart Forest – Canada’s Forest Trust

Jan 23, 2023 | Canada’s Forest Trust

Canada’s Forest Trust Corporation (CFT) has exciting news to share with students and teachers nationwide. We have just launched the first Smart Forest location in New Brunswick’s endangered Acadian forest region. Through the support of School Smart Forest Stewards, we will restore 95 acres of previously devastated land, bring back biodiversity, clean air and water, and support the local economy.

This School Smart Forest is also an essential initiative for combating climate change. By sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, the forest will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the planet from further harm.

School Dashboard

But the Smart Forest project is not just about environmentalism; it’s also about community involvement. Schools across Canada are coming together to help reach the goal of 100,000 seedlings to fully restore this forest back to health.

By participating in the Smart Forest project, schools have the opportunity to learn about the importance of biodiversity, climate change, and environmental stewardship.

The Smart Forest project is an excellent example of how we can unite as a community to positively impact the planet.

To supercharge your school‘s growth and fundraising efforts, ask your community to continue to support your forest by sharing the Smart Forest Intelligence Dashboard.